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Vogue Singapore Unleashes Immersive Metaverse Experience

Vogue Singapore, the leading fashion magazine, continues to push the boundaries of technology and fashion by partnering with Spatial and Polycount to create an immersive fashion metaverse experience. The September issue of Vogue Singapore, entitled “Fashion’s New World,” explores the world of AI-driven beauty, metahumans, digital fashion, and the metaverse.

Vogue Singapore’s metaverse is a 3D world created by the free-to-use metaverse developer Spatial and Web3 experience studio Polycount. Spatial also partnered with Ready Player Me, a metaverse full-body 3D avatar creator, to develop more realistic avatar customization. The metaverse experience launches in two phases, with the first phase already live and the second phase activating in October to celebrate the second anniversary of Vogue Singapore.

Visitors can navigate the virtual space and dress avatars in couture designs created by China-born digital fashion designer Yimeng Yu. She has constructed three avant-garde dresses exclusively for Vogue’s metaverse, and visitors have the opportunity to try on two of her couture designs, Rebirth and Nirvana, at no cost.

Vogue Singapore’s partnership with Spatial and Polycount is a continuation of the magazine’s ongoing exploration of the intersection of fashion and technology. This includes bringing on Krista Kim as metaverse editor, spearheading NFT for good projects, and unveiling an AR filter featuring 27 Singaporean cover stars for the “Every Body” issue in March.

By partnering with Spatial and Polycount, Vogue Singapore is able to offer its readers a truly immersive and interactive fashion experience, taking the conversation of fashion and technology to the next level.

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