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Hublot’s Virtual Qatar World Cup 2022 Stadium

The Qatar World Cup 2022 may have come and gone, but one of its most innovative and memorable experiences was the virtual stadium created by Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot, our metaverse builder Polycount, and famed sports venue designer MEIS.

The challenge was to take MEIS’s concepts for a virtual stadium and turn them into a fully formed 3D metaverse environment, complete with 15 Hublot brand ambassadors stationed around the pitch and room for 90,000 virtual fans. But our teams at Polycount and Exclusible, utilizing our metaverse building expertise, were up to the task, and we had a unique strategy for bringing the build to life.

From the start, our team understood the importance of highlighting Hublot’s connection to international football culture. We accomplished this by making the Big Bang e FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 watch the central design element of the virtual stadium. Using the MEIS concepts as a base, we focused on the official version of the watch, with its burgundy dial and black and burgundy strap inspired by the flag of the host country Qatar. This version of the watch floated serenely above the virtual stadium, creating a stunning visual effect.

The result of our team’s hard work was the “Hublot Loved Football Metaverse Stadium,” which was open to the public on Spatial and received significant favorable media coverage. The realization was available for free on desktop, mobile, and Oculus, and was also featured in specially designed VR venues as a pop-up next to Hublot shops in luxury shopping venues all over Asia.

This virtual stadium marked the largest venue built in the Spatial metaverse and it was a showcase of Hublot’s love for football, design, and community. It was also a testament to the capabilities of Exclusible as a leading metaverse builder. As we look back on this project, we are proud of the impact it had on the metaverse community and on the future of virtual events.

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