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Mingshan Mai

Web Design & Developer

Address: United States
Brief info

Mingshan Mai is a talented Web Design & Developer currently working at Exclusible. As a recent graduate from the M.S. Strategic Design and Management program at Parsons, Mingshan is passionate about strategy consulting, creative design, UI/UX & Product. She has a keen interest in emerging technologies such as XR, blockchain & web3 techs, etc. and enjoys tackling multi-faceted problems to develop human-centered designs. With global design study and work experiences across New York, Paris, London, Shenzhen, and Beijing, Mingshan brings a fresh perspective to the team. She graduated as a fashion designer earlier in 2019 from Parsons and was one of the four finalists in the 2019 Lane Crawford award. Mingshan was also featured in the article “Emerging designers who are toppling the status QUO” by V magazine in 2020. To learn more about her work, visit her portfolio at

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