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Dayana Guerrero

3D Designer

Address: United States
Brief info

Dayana Guerrero is a highly skilled and creative 3D Designer at Exclusible. She has a distinguished reputation for her expertise in constructing 3D models with the end-user in mind, and her multicultural and bilingual background enables her to think outside the box when generating unique solutions. Dayana is committed to improving and developing new ideas that deliver outstanding results for her clients, and her proficiency in 3D Computer-aided design applications such as SolidWorks, 3ds Max, Rhino, Inventor, AutoCAD, and CATIA is exceptional. She was awarded Best Design from Recycled Material by the University of Los Andes and founded Cerisse, conceptualizing the brand identity and product while growing its social media presence to over 20,000 organic followers in a few months. Dayana's innovative thinking and exceptional observational skills enable her to analyze human perception and interaction, producing quality products that generate less waste. She also led the ergonomic and biomechanics course, motivating team members to peak performance in deadline-driven, demanding environments while pushing creative limits. Dayana is an analytical and dynamic person who can support the company's growth while ensuring customer satisfaction.

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