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We personalize your showroom with your branded assets and display your products. Use it for experiential e-commerce, product demo, press & influencers day, employee engagement, and much more!

Showcase your products & brand in an innovative way

Exclusible builds high-quality 3D immersive experiences, which elevates your brand and enhances the shopping experience.

Boost your retention rate

Exclusible’s immersive experiences have attracted more than 100K users, who have spent on average 10 minutes per session. This is 10x more than traditional eCommerce websites.

Enhance your community and client engagement

You can activate Audio and Video in your immersive showroom, to engage directly with your community or customers.


Use cases

E-commerce Sales

Allow your customers to experience an innovative shopping experience and purchase your products from your virtual showroom

Community Meet-up

Meet and interact with your community to enhance your relationship with them in a fully branded environment

Employee engagement

Use your showroom as an original way to make zoom calls and further engage your employees

How it works


You register to the service and fill in information about your company.


You receive a form to gather the necessary assets to build your showroom. Then we prepare everything for you.


We send you a link to access your showroom, which you can use immediately !

Simple & Transparent Pricing

> 99€/month subscription
> Cancel your subscription for free at any time


Most frequent questions and answers

Your showroom can handle 50 users at the same time.

By using your microphone and camera directly inside the showroom.

We can track how many people are joining your showroom through your URL link.

We are also tracking how many people are drived from your showroom to your website through product pages links.

For the moment you cannot change your decoration or displayed products by yourself. 

We are working to make it possible in the future. 

You can access your showroom directly with a link. 

You’re showroom will be available on any browser, on mobile (through spatial app) and also in VR. 

Ready to take the next step of e-commerce?

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