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Download the Full Report – Metaverse Beauty Week 2023

Reality Gets A Makeover During First-Ever Metaverse Beauty Week

Step into a whole new dimension of beauty with our detailed report on the first ever Metaverse Beauty Week. This unique event was running from June 12-17 on multiple platforms like Spatial, Roblox, and Decentraland, showcasing an immersive blend of digital and physical beauty experiences.

Exclusible report presents an in-depth overview of the Metaverse Beaty Week event, which had interoperability and innovative experiences at its core. Why is the beauty industry venturing into the metaverse? How beauty brands are leveraging its limitless opportunities? Get these insights and more with our detailed exploration of new ways to present beauty products in the metaverse environment.

Download the full report

Discover how beauty brands and digital artists used multiple platforms to transform their engagement with global consumers, including gamification to get wearable collectibles (like a virtual makeup!). 

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