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McDonald’s Lunar New Year Metaverse Experience

McDonald’s, in partnership with multicultural agency IW Group and fashion designer Humberto Leon, celebrated the 2022 Lunar New Year in a unique and immersive way – through a metaverse activation. The Year of the Tiger, which is known for its courageous and fearless qualities, was celebrated in a virtual reality environment built by Polycount, the metaverse builder behind most projects at Spatial and recently acquired by our company.

Exclusible leveraged its background in architectural design to create “McDonald’s Hall of Zodiacs” a VR experience featuring all twelve Chinese zodiac animals. The virtual exhibit hall was arranged by Cliff Tan, an architect who applies feng shui principles to imbue interiors with feel-good energy. Visitors accessing the Hall of Zodiacs could receive horoscope readings based on their Zodiac animal and the year and month of their birth.

The metaverse activation was cross-promoted in an international commercial campaign targeting the Asian community and was hosted on Spatial, accessible through any connected device. The activation was also promoted through Asian television news channels, and select store locations gave out traditional red envelope gifts to connect with consumers who valued the holiday.

Exclusible, as the metaverse builder behind this project, is proud to have been a part of McDonald’s innovative way of celebrating the Lunar New Year. The virtual reality environment not only provided an immersive and interactive experience but also allowed individuals from all over the world to participate and learn about the Chinese Zodiac and horoscope readings. The McDonald’s Lunar New Year Metaverse Experience is a testament to Exclusible’s expertise in creating engaging and impactful metaverse activations.

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