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Exclusible – Luxury District: The Ultimate Digital Luxury Experience in the Metaverse Space

Exclusible, a leading Metaverse builder, has recently acquired three lands on The SandBox to develop a truly virtual luxury universe with social, gaming, and interactive components. The aim is to create a completely digital and dreamy environment that transforms traditional conspicuous luxury consumption into a new modern, more democratic, inclusive, fun, and cool luxury format. The Exclusible Luxury District, consisting of 108 parcels on 6×6 lands, will be the ultimate digital luxury experience.

The Exclusible Luxury District will be divided into four different parts, three luxurious and prestigious cities, and an Exclusible hub. The three cities will have truly innovative and differentiating concepts, where the most incredible celebrities and special members of the community will be welcomed. The Exclusible hub will have a large shopping mall, museums, and other amazing activities to attract The SandBox players and deliver a gaming experience with the right balance of luxury and brand rewards.

Each town contains five villages, and each village contains two parcels. One village contains ten unique and special villas, and two mystery buildings. All villas will be designed by Exclusible in collaboration with construction professionals at The SandBox to build large, modern, and luxurious villas based on different concepts and designs. All premium homes will be fully furnished with high-quality materials and elaborate designs.

In addition, Exclusible will regularly provide players and community members with free items and fascinating pieces to decorate and play in the villa. Whether it’s an Exclusible supercar, an infinity pool, or a hot tub in the clouds, the sky’s the limit. Mystery buildings are magical places where players can be surprised by majestic luxury stores, innovative experiences, or completely unique leisure spaces. There are a total of 150 villas in the Exclusible Luxury District, and all villa owners will be part of a completely digital and exclusive club. They will have access to events on The SandBox such as celebrity shows, fashion shows, VIP parties, and much more.

To build the true digital luxury experience in a gamified space, Exclusible has developed several games to interact and keep its players in the Exclusible Luxury District. The aim is to build a vibrant community, provide rewarding and fun experiences with true aspects of social interaction. As a result, a “Play to Earn” system will be introduced, available only to residents of the Exclusible Luxury District.

It is important to note that all villas in the Exclusible Luxury District are randomly minted, and therefore the collector will only know the villa typology and location after the reveal. The Sandbox is one of the gateways to the Metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain, where players can log in and play, build, own, and monetize their virtual experiences. The Sandbox Game is a decentralized, community-driven gaming ecosystem where creators can share and monetize voxel assets and gaming experiences inside an immense virtual world.

Exclusible Luxury District is the ultimate digital luxury experience in the Metaverse space. It offers a new modern, democratic, inclusive, fun, and cool luxury format in a completely digital and dreamy environment. It is a perfect combination of luxury, gaming, and social interaction, where players can build their virtual experiences, own their assets, and monetize them. Exclusible has truly created a masterpiece that will revolutionize the way we experience luxury in the digital world.

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