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Exclusible Chalet

About the Drop

Inspired by the Swiss Alps, the Exclusible Chalet has the right balance of charm and modernity. Surrounded by snow magic and stunning mountain views, this is Exclusible’s latest metaverse real estate project. Following the penthouse drops, the Exclusible Chalets appear as a rare drop, with a reduced supply and a mint price of 2.5 ETH. However, collectors who have purchased at least 3 penthouses at 0.6 ETH directly from will receive an airdropped chalet for free. In addition, all collectors who have five different penthouses until the 26th of June will also receive a chalet in their wallets. It will be necessary to collect the different penthouses and secure them in your wallet until the moment of the snapshot for this. Designed especially for our community to the smallest detail, the Exclusible Chalet has the virtual magic and unique feel that only snow and mountains provide.

  • Use it as a social experiment by inviting up to 50 people
  • Customize it in your look and feel by showcasing NFTs, art, 3D objects, and JPGs
  • Upload, livestream, and screenshare content, being movies and sport games, or sales pitches and corporate presentations
  • Organise a metaverse snow party in your chalet with selected guests
  • Use it as an alternative to traditional conference tools such as Zoom, Twitter Spaces, or Teams
  • Enjoy the comfort of a true luxury space in the metaverse
  • Enhance your immersive experience with VR compatibility

About the Collab

Innovative, intuitive and photorealistic, the Spatial Web3 platform helps individuals and brands to create and curate their own 3D spaces in the metaverse, to build and interact with their community and to share culture.

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