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We help brands and corporates unlock the power of Metaverse by creating meaningful digital experiences without creative limits

Our philosophy

NFT is the product, Metaverse is the experience

For us, the metaverse describes the future network of virtual worlds in which users incarnate and interact via a chosen digital identity.

By using a set of different technologies, Metaverses will allow users to experience emotions, share with others, feel presences, buy products, learn, create, work and more…

We unlocked the Metaverse together

We are agnostic

We identified +140 metaverses and we tried +60 of them. We have conducted projects in more than 10 different metaverses. 

For your project, our Metaverse choice will be 100% based on your use-cases and objectives to make your activation a success.

Our power in numbers

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Our in-house 3D studio consists of 16 talented 3D architects with a background in classical architecture. 

With a track record of over 1000 classical architecture projects, our studio decided to switch 100% to digital projects during the covid crisis. 

They have already completed over 200 metaverse projects in more than 10 different metaverses with the biggest brands.

Do you still have questions ?

Our Team is at your disposal to discuss your project and identify the best solutions !

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